By now you’ve published your book, your launch event as reported by the arts columnist was a “polished performance” … “set the bar for stylish author readings.” Reviewers on Amazon call your book of stories stunning, poignant, and heartbreakingly honest. Online sales and retail sales remain somewhat regular. You’re preparing for two upcoming book readings with show time a week away.

Congratulations! You’re catching your stride and moving forward.

But not so fast! Something else is happening here … I detect a restlessness, an agitation that I think is soul’s way of catching my attention.

Soul informs me that it’s time for me to step up my game. Morph the standard author reading into something more than the predictable lectern, big bouquet and the author miles away from the audience. Soul wants me to connect in a new way, which she’s been nudging me to do for the past three months since we booked these dates.

I see where’s she going. “So you want me to jazz up these readings? Add some juice to the presentation?”

“Write on!” she shouts, “that’s IT! Listen to these ideas!

find some clothes you wrote about in your book and wear them

amp up your reading with music and song

give your ALL to your audience–which may even inspire others to polish their own way of delivering their work

feel the fear zone of audacious and engage your audience in a new lively way!”



I invite you to join us Sunday September 16 at Cedrick’s in Crofton on Vancouver Island and Wednesday September 19 at Gibsons Public Library.

SEE the flyer below for details.

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