Thanks for your passionate, astute, lyrical and downright gutsy comments on Under the Covers. Whatever medium you have used–email, snail mail, an online review or voice message–your message is a gift. Here’s why …


   As a writer who recently launched a new book, I am naturally jittery when I open my computer to check for new reviews. But when I find you and your review on the glowing screen, your words quiet my panic. (That’s a secret I don’t spill in the book.)


   The nerves come with the territory of the writing way, but when you connect with me my spirit soars. You remind me why I committed to the fires of creativity in the first place.


   Readers continue voicing their views


A triumph–from the evocative cover to the gorgeous writing inside which is sophisticated, raw and honest. Courageous and charming.  Denise


“Through the vagaries of her own life, Patricia’s amazing generosity connects the reader with his/her own humanity. A Canadian must-read collection that makes the reader’s life journey appear less lonely and more (self) forgiving. Beautiful.”  Charles


“A keen sense of observation–both serious and enlightening. Her deftness at blending past and present into a brightly coloured tapestry creates a reflective presentation of thoughtful living. A great read.”  Stephen


Signing off with a message I SAVED on my machine … this lady lets it rip!


“That book of yours Under the Covers is absolutely fucking amazing. I read it through … could not put it down … better than a mystery novel! I loved it. It made me laugh, cry, remember. Yay! we gotta get it out to the world.”

                                                                                              D’Arcy  7o-something Ph. D. candidate in Forestry

Thanks for keeping those comments coming!

Light and love,


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